Having a furry companion is one of the many joys in life.If they could just clean up after themselves, everything would be perfect. While for most people a bit of fur here and there is bearable, there are those who think it is a big catastrophe.So, what do you do when you’d love to have a pet but just the thought of the mess makes your stomach turn?
How to Keep a House Clean with Pets Around - Ideas for Clean Freaks
Well, no one said that you should be deprived of the opportunity to get a cat or a dog just because of your need to keep the house clean to perfection. Especially, if you’ve been dreaming about this since you were little but never had the chance to make it happen. Everything could be achieved through some flexibility on your side and a list of the right ideas.

Designate a pet corner

There is really no way of stopping your furry companion to walk around the house. There is, however, a way to limit the distribution of hair in the rooms by designating a special pet corner. It needs to be comfortable and full of entertainment, so your cat or dog would be tempted to spend a lot of time there. You can separate the area with something like a curtain, sliding doors or anything else that seems to fit. This way you can concentrate your cleaning efforts mainly on this space.

Plan more extensive cleaning sessions

That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, considering you are probably doing it regularly. The difference is that now you will have extra tasks on your list. Two of cats' favourite things are climbing and exploring new places, as part of their exercise regime. A thing they do not like, though, is not being able to access all areas of their domain. So, trying to keep them away from places like the kitchen or bathroom is pointless.
That’s why a daily disinfection of all frequently used spaces, like countertops, is essential. It’s enough to do it with a sponge or cloth soaked in vinegar and dishwashing solution. Remember that chemical products are better to be avoided, as they are dangerous for pets.  
Along with the regular tile scrubbing and dishwashing, you also have to clean all pet toys and other pet-related possessions. Here is what to remember:
  • Always wash pet items with chemical-free cleaning products;
  • Have a cleaning kit just for your pet’s things;
  • Plastic and rubber toys could be placed in the dishwasher, however, a presoaking and hand cleaning will be more effective;
  • Before washing any stuffed toys, collect as much hair as possible with a rubber glove;
  • Toys like catnip should be directly replaced with new ones;
  • Food and water containers should be washed daily;
  • A regular indoor toilet should be scooped up at least twice a day and washed every 2 days (more often, if necessary). Placing a big paperboard underneath will make the sand collecting easier.
Tip: The smell is the biggest issue with indoor toilets, so consider buying a closed litter box or a self-cleaning toilet.

Accidents happen but clean them right away

No matter how well you train your four-legged roommate, an occasional spot on the carpet could still appear. The important thing is to stay calm and just react on instinct.
When left for even a few hours, the urine will penetrate deeply into the fabric and stay there for good. The same applies to wooden floors, as in this case, it may all result in the necessity to change the floorboards to eliminate the stench. Cleaning carpet stains could be fast and effective with an all-purpose cleaner - vinegar, water and essential oil. Some stains tend to be more stubborn, in which case an enzymatic cleaner is a good solution.

Put plastic on more delicate objects

Let’s be realistic, pet hair is hard to contain and even harder to clean. Once it’s stuck to a fluffy pillow or something similar, it seems impossible to remove. Plastic covers could solve the problem. As a bonus, they will also preserve the fabric from the nails and teeth of your pet.

Pass that cleaning passion on to your pet 

Hygiene habits are extremely important. Who better to teach your pet about the significance of being clean than you. This should be a top priority, as soon as you bring your new friend home. Just because cats are known to bathe themselves and are rarely exposed to outdoor germs, doesn’t mean that bath time should be omitted. For health reasons, it is best to do it every few weeks.
As for dogs, they will definitely need a bath after playing in the park. Bath time could be on a daily basis. In order to prevent tracking of mud and bacteria, baby wipes could come in handy. Just perform a through paw cleaning after every walk and the floor will be germ- and dirt-free. 

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