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Baby Elephant Lets Off Some Sweet Laughs During Playtime

What do you know about elephants and their young? Not much, I bet. Apart from their appearance, habitat and food, few people are aware of the impressive quality of these animals.
Have you ever seen or heard an elephant laugh and giggle?

Baby Elephant Lets Off Some Sweet Laughs During Playtime

They will be happy. A woman named Laura from Aberdeenshire, Great Britain, has captured this enchanting moment when a baby elephant plays with a keeper. It was at Maevang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she celebrated her two-month graduation. Two months for a holiday. Wow.

This cute little boy was trying to chase a blue bucket that the sitter tore out of his hand. The game seemed to excite the little boy. Listen to the elephant. There's a laugh in our book!

The cute little girl even got excited when she giggled to the delight of the audience.

The cub is a six-month-old Asian elephant (Elephas Maximus), a herbivore in its sixties, measuring between two and three metres at the shoulder and weighing between two and six tonnes. It is a large fish. To think that they are vegetarian.

Laura is a geology student, but after this shot she could go back to zoology class.

The Asian elephant is considered the largest land animal and is actually smaller than its African cousin. It is classified as an endangered species. A pity, considering the majesty of these mammals. Oh, and the ears of the African elephant resemble those of the African continent. That's cool.

The population has suffered from deforestation and agricultural development, not to mention the illegal poachers who claim elephant tusks as a prize. The illegal trade in ivory is a serious problem. Thankfully, there are elephant parks where they can thrive and breed under human supervision. It also enables people to learn more about these herbivores.

The level of trust between calves and humans is amazing, considering that elephant mothers are very protective of their calves. Mothers will accuse anyone who comes too close to their calf.

 Charles Darwin said : "Love for all living things is man's noblest quality."

This keeper has a lot of love for this calf. If elephants never forget, those two are friends for life.

Elephants are intelligent creatures. They can tell if someone is a threat simply by listening to their voice.

They show compassion, empathy, sadness, self-confidence and even acknowledge other animals and people they have met.

This is certainly one of the most enchanting encounters between an elephant and a human. Just listen to the little laughter! Even Laura cannot help but laugh at herself. This baby elephant is so cute!

Moments like these remind us that we share this planet with really fantastic creatures and that it is our responsibility to take care of them. Their people, their future is in our hands.

Listen to the playful laughter of this little elephant by clicking on the video below.

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