When you meet kittens face to face, your heart suddenly melts and the dizzy child inside you can't help but make an appropriate "AWWW"! You want to handle them, play and snuggle with them until they come home. Some of us have had the opportunity to witness the birth and development of kittens, from their first cry to the moment they open their eyes and to adulthood. if you haven't been so lucky, there are probably some fun facts about kittens you don't know that can help you breed a healthy, happy kitten.

9 Fun Facts About Kittens You Should Know
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

1) Kittens are fragile and need help with potty training. 

Most of us know that kittens are delicate, and we need to teach children to handle them gently and appropriately. But did you know that kittens need their mother's help to go to the toilet? Their mother will gently lick their lower parts to stimulate the kitten to urinate or defecate. This help is essential in a kitten's life! When kittens are orphaned, the human caregiver can perform the same stimulation with a damp cotton ball, thank God.

2) Kittens are like sponges

No, we cannot clean with them, but when we say that kittens are like sponges, we mean that they are impressionable and absorb knowledge about their world like a sponge from birth to about 12 weeks of age. During this time, they learn to behave like their mother's cat, from grooming to feeding and litter box use. They socialize and learn to play and fight with their siblings. For kittens to bond with humans, they must be handled and played frequently during this short learning period.

3) Kittens are born with their eyes closed.

Another interesting fact about kittens is that they are born into this world completely blind. They will rely on their instincts and the help of their mother to feed on her milk. In about 7 to 10 days, the kitten will open its eyes for the first time, but its vision will remain poor until about 5 weeks of age.

4) Kittens are born with blue eyes

Many human babies are born with blue eyes, but the color of the iris develops during their first or second year, and they are likely to change eye color as they grow older. One of the fun facts about kittens is that they are also born with blue-gray eyes. Some breeds, such as Siamese, retain their blue color, while most change pigment during the first year of life. After one year they should have reached the permanent eye color. 

5) They have superior senses

Here's a fact about kittens that could make you jealous. Kittens have a superhuman sense of smell. By 4 weeks of age, their sense of smell is fully developed, aided by an extra odoriferous organ called the Vomeronasal organ. This helps them find their mother because they can't see very well yet.

By four weeks of age, their hearing is developed. They have one of the best hearing abilities of all land mammals. Humans can hear at 20,000 hertz, but a cat hears much better at 65,000 hertz. 

6) Kittens see differently from humans

Before their vision is fully developed, kittens will use their whiskers and smell to navigate their world. When their vision is fully developed, at about 5 weeks of age, kittens can see movement and perceive depth better than humans in six times less light. That's what makes cats such good night hunters. Another fact about kittens is that they can't see the full spectrum of colors that we can see.

7) Kittens are very easy to train

Kittens have an instinct for burying their waste. They also learn to use the litter box by watching their mother. All they need to do is put them in the litter box several times, and they should understand very quickly. 

8) Kneading kittens

Have you ever wondered why kittens and cats knead objects and people? Kittens knead their mother to stimulate the flow of milk. For some reason, they continue this practice into adulthood. If a cat kneads you, it may have chosen you as its mother figure.

9) Kittens can make more kittens

This one is a not very funny fact about kittens which is very true. If you consider a kitten to be a cat under a year old, then yes, kittens can get pregnant. At about 5 months of age, kittens

Now that you know all these fun facts about kittens, you may be thinking about adopting or fostering a kitten. The Michelson Found Animals Foundation can put you in touch with adoptable kittens or kittens that you can temporarily foster. We provide you with tons of resources to put your kitten on a healthy path. Visit our resource center for information on vaccinations, fleas, and tips on how to care for a new kitten.

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