Cats are many things - mysterious, cute and sometimes they're just strange. Why do they knead things the way they do cookies? Why do they go crazy in the middle of the night and run around like crazy? Here are five strange behaviors of cats explained.

5 Weird Cats Behaviors Explained
Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay 

1 . Sitting on your laptop.

Cats sit on your laptop because it feels so good! Computers are like mini heating pads that have been specially made for your feline friend. Another reason why kittens love laptops is that they know they'll attract attention when they sit on your keyboard.  Negative attention is better than any attention !

2 . Zooming in the middle of the night.

All cat owners know the experience of fast sleep and suddenly your cat is buzzing around the room as if it has just drunk 800 cups of coffee. Why this sudden urge to play in the middle of the night? The first reason is that cats don't have the same sleeping habits as humans. Our kittens sleep a lot during the day and at night, so they have energy at all times over a 24-hour period. In addition, your cat may consider the day to be quiet hours because there is no one at home. Because they're at work or school, they sleep a lot. Then, when you're at your home, it's time to play - whether what you're free, awake or not.

Professional tip: Don't reward your cat with attention when she gets Zoomies in the middle of the night. Even negative attention will encourage her to continue this behaviour.

3 . Kneading or "baking cookies".

You've probably already noticed that your cat is kneading your tummy or blanket. These cat behaviors, also called "baking cookies" by some people, are adopted by cats when they are kittens. Baby kittens knead their mother's belly to stimulate milk production. As adults, cats generally continue this behavior when they are relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes the surface they knead, such as fabric or skin, reminds them of their mother's womb. Cats may also knead to calm themselves when they are frightened or angry.

4 . They bury their poop.

Cats are very picky about their litter. And while dogs are best known for their talented noses, cats are also very picky about the smells around them. Whether or not your cat buries her poop and pee is a behaviour that it inherited from their wild, desert days. If your cat is burying her "business", it's probably because it doesn't like the smell and prefers to keep her space clean and smelly. If your cat doesn't bury its pee and droppings, it's probably because it doesn't consider the litter box to be on its space. They mark the litter box as their territory by leaving their business uncovered.

5 . They lie down in a bathtub or sink.

Lying down in a bathtub or sink is probably for the exact opposite reason your kitten visits your laptop. Porcelain is cool to the touch on a hot day. Some experts also suspect it has something to do with water. Cats like to drink from the tap, or they like the smell of dirt coming from the pipes.

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